Innovation Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (ICRES)

To address the growing importance of energy efficiency and renewable energy globally, we at Re Energy Engineering, have established a multifunctional Innovation Center for Renewable Energ.

Along with the continuous progress in energy efficiency and the application of renewable energy worldwide, there is a growing need for smart and environmentally friendly energy solutions for homes, offices, and public buildings. Geothermal heat pump (GeoHP) systems together with forced regenerative ventilation are among the most efficient and convenient solutions for space heating, cooling, and ventilation.

Recognizing the advantages and benefits of these systems, our company, has created a multifunctional renewable energy innovation center. We built our office as a technology showroom that includes a complete operating system, geothermal research, and development test bed. The system components are equipped with measurement sensors for data logging, analysis, and test developments.

With the establishment of ICRES, we aim to bring together the academic and corporate communities, presenting them with more information on:

  • the application methods of the systems;
  • their technical performance;
  • current trends and innovations in energy efficiency.

Our aim is to introduce future professionals in the field to state-of-the-art heating, cooling, and ventilation concepts. Moreover, we desire to demonstrate innovative system components, units, solutions, and companies and give them the opportunity to test and analyze in a real environment each of the elements..

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