The reliable construction of the geothermal borehole is key to the proper functioning and high efficiency of heat pump heating and cooling systems. Re Energy Engineering has specialized equipment for drilling that allows the execution of geothermal boreholes with a depth of up to 250 meters.

The specialized technique and strict adherence to the technology of drilling, especially in combination with the ground thermal conductivity test - GRT, which we offer, ensure an exceptionally long service life of the borehole as well as trouble-free operation of the installation.

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Facilities and
We use the latest and most modern equipment to ensure efficient drilling up to 250 meters.
Geo probes
We succeed in laying Geo probes in the borehole to the most detailed accuracy, through Geo steering and real-time quality control of the activities.
Drilling fluids and cementing
Using the latest technology and special additional equipment allowing the monitoring and adjustment of the density and thickness of the cement solution, which allow the perfect placement and tightening.
Timely and Accurate information
Obtaining timely and accurate information on borehole status and performance – Of critical significance to providing a service of the highest quality and efficiency.

Research and Design

Preliminary site investigation and specialized testing are important and mandatory steps in the design and construction of geothermal heating and cooling systems. For this reason, we have created a service, which includes a complete engineering of the preliminary site survey, the design of the installation, and the selection of the most suitable heat pump unit or other suitable air conditioning system, with the possibility of a complete construction of economical and environmentally friendly solutions. We are the only company in the country that performs a ground thermal conductivity test – GRT, which ensures the possibility of maximum optimization and high efficiency of the designed installation.

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Complete engineering solutions

We provide reliable and competent cooperation at every stage of the design and construction of the geothermal energy systems. Our company offers complete energy solutions - from feasibility and site investigation, through design and selection of the most suitable equipment, to borehole drilling, construction of indoor and outdoor installations, and installation of the equipment.

By offering complete energy systems, we save the investor time, money, and effort, and with thorough feasibility studies and the selection of the most suitable equipment, we ensure trouble-free operation and high efficiency.

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Initial consultation on delivering the best technical solution made for the highest standards and needs of each client.
Project Creation
Our expert team creates a customized project for each client.
Construction of indoor, water, and air systems at rough-in readiness.
Diagnostics of the entire system
Quality is a priority to us, so after each installation of an element we carry out tests to ensure the high quality and safety of the installed system.
Handover of the site
Preparation of certified documentation and warranty, which certifies the quality of the systems we have installed.
Proposal Preparation
After preparing an expert evaluation that meets the client's needs and the results of research and analysis, we prepare a comprehensive proposal.
GRT test, through which we determine the thermal conductivity of the ground.
Execution of horizontal grid and manholes, if required.
Machine room
Setting up the machine room where all necessary instrumentation and control systems are placed.
24/7 online monitoring, annual preventive maintenance and servicing, because safety is a main priority to us.

Consultations and trainings

The preparation and development of future professionals and the academic environment is of key importance to us. For this reason, we provide free and unlimited consulting and training in the field of geothermal energy, the design and construction of heating, and air conditioning systems with heat pumps in the field of energy and ecology. All consultations and trainings are carried out in our office, which is specially designed and built as a multifunctional innovation center for renewable energy sources.

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Reliable maintenance - the safety and quality of geothermal systems are our priority. For this reason, we offer 24/7 support and service. Every day, our team of specialists performs online monitoring to track the temperature and technical parameters of each installed system to ensure its energy efficiency and reliability.

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