area: 2000 m2
  • BHE 4 x 100 m
  • Heat pumps NIBE F1355 - 28kW
  • HPAC active/passive cooling module
  • Pool heating

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Air House - a new-generation design that blends modern vision with best practices for a sustainable home. The house, designed by HELIX SM Ltd (arch. Sevdalina Nedeva, arch. Emil Pelitiev, arch. Kamen Nedelchev) and landscape design HOME GARDEN (eng. Veselka Trifonova), stretches on a plot of 2,000 sq.m. in the outskirts of Sofia. The main goal was to provide privacy and isolation from the outside world while strengthening the connection with the surrounding nature. For this reason, the house is completely enclosed from the street, and the rest is open as much as possible to the courtyard to reveal views of the Vitosha Mountains. The challenge was to create a sense of lightness and spaciousness in a rather large-scale construction. This was achieved by elevating all the living spaces above the ground, the L-shape allowed the designers to separate the remaining spaces from the bedrooms. The living room and party area "land" on the raised patio area. Below them are the spa area, wine room and garage. Perpendicular to these, the four bedrooms "levitate" in the air, resting on a single concrete foundation. The inspiration for every detail comes from nature, and the perfect complement is the geothermal systems - one of the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions for any building. All systems are smart with remote control - heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting. The concept is to rely on a secure and reliable source of energy that is not affected by external factors, the systems have a long service life, the bills are many times lower and the environment is protected.
We are honored to have our project once again receive such a high rating in the prestigious ARCHINOVA competition in the "Realizations - Single Family Residential Buildings" category for 2022.

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