Boyana 49

area: 4500 m2
  • BHE 18 x 100 m
  • Heat pumps 30 - 120 kW
  • Floor fan coil units
  • Underfloor heating/cooling
  • Replacement gas boilers

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This residential building with twenty apartments is located in the villa area of Boyana, on Str. The property is located at 49 Panoramen Road in Sofia. Designers of the building I/O architects, arch. Vyara Zhelyazkova, arch. Georgi Katov, arch. Stefan Apostolov. The investor is "Transfert" - an investment company established specifically for the project. The main contractor is "Mirat Group", and the constructions were made by "Strukto" (Eng. Kamen Slavin), and the geothermal heating and air conditioning systems by Re Energy Engineering Ltd.

The positioning of the building in the middle of the extensive property among the trees of the mixed forest conceals the scale of the building and provides privacy for the occupants. The metallic appearance and horizontality of the structure contrast with the natural surroundings around, while the reflections in the large windows, on the contrary, help the building to blend in. An angled parking ramp ascends gradually from the street through a large glass door to the monolithic underground garage space. The double-height lobby brings in light from the courtyard and a softer materiality, while a neon chandelier marks the approach to the apartments. A small gathering room overlooking the courtyard and a series of single-arm stairs lead to the apartments' private spaces with views of tree branches and the city. The most significant features of the setting that the project works with are the isolation and tranquility of the woods in and around the property, the low floor and density of the development, and the sloping site. The foundation of the project is the special relationship of the building to the space of the forest, which ensures both maximum openness and privacy of the individual units in the multi-family residential building, precisely for this reason the investors and designers decided to rely on an ecological and efficient way of heating and cooling - geothermal systems.

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