Krustova vada

investor: Private person
area: 400 м2

Geothermal heat pump system with 2 geothermal boreholes of closed type. Installed power of the heat pump NIBE F 1145 -12 kW.

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The object is fully executed by Re Energy. This included a concept to optimize the heat losses by making additional internal insulation in order to make it possible to cover the heat loads with a 12 kW heat pump.

2 geothermal boreholes were drilled to supply energy to a 12 kW Swedish NIBE F 1145 heat pump.

Underfloor heating by the German company REHAU was implemented, which serves as a passive cooling during the summer. Passive cooling is only possible with geothermal systems, relying on the low temperature of the ground in the summer and not using additional energy from the heat pump. Passive cooling is done by means of a circulator which has an installed power of 80 watts.

Domestic hot water is produced by two vacuum-tube collectors, and in cases of insufficient sunshine, the DHW is automatically taken care of by the heat pump.

The system is fully automated with heating, cooling, and hot water production, done according to set priorities. Once set up, the system operates fully automatically without external intervention.

For the technical water needs, Re Energy made a borehole for water extraction with a complete water management system that supplies all the consumers in the house without the need of a drinking water supply.

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