St.George School

investor: St.George International School
area: 24 385 м2
  • BHE 84 x 120 m
  • Heat pumps 60 - 600 kW
  • DHW
  • Underfloor heating/cooling
  • Fan coil units
  • AHU roof mounted
  • Solar thermal assistant
  • Standby gas boiler
  • Indoor pool heating - 25 m

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St George's Private School is a leading educational establishment, established in 2004, which takes an innovative approach, combining the Bulgarian and British education systems to provide a highly competitive education to its students. In 2016, the school moved into a newly built 24,385 sqm facility, which houses a school and nursery with a total of 100 classrooms, classrooms, laboratories, 3 outdoor classrooms, multi-purpose areas, libraries, teachers' rooms, age-appropriate break-out areas, a bookshop, medical rooms, an indoor play centre in the nursery, a multi-purpose room for performing arts and screenings, an event area, dining facilities, a kitchen, rooms with individual lockers for children and teachers, an observatory, and a sports complex with pools for kindergarten children and pools for students, gymnasiums and running tracks, outdoor sports fields and play areas. The design complies with all the requirements under the current Bulgarian and EU regulations and those specific to schools offering all theoretical and practical courses according to Cambridge International Examination standards. Infrastructure and equipment have been provided to meet modern requirements for effective learning, arts, and sports for children and students from 2 to 19 years of age. In order to provide students and staff with comfortable conditions throughout the year, the school uses geothermal heating and cooling systems. A dedicated geothermal system has been developed and implemented to provide high energy efficiency and independence with care for the environment as well as an exceptional living environment. By providing constant fresh air and removing contaminated air from the habitable rooms, the system ensures low levels of dust, minimal risks of respiratory illness and enables pupils and children to be fresh and focused at all times during school and sports. NIBE geothermal heat pumps are used for heating and cooling, DHW and pool heating, enabling efficient use of the earth's heat as a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy source.

The entire geothermal system, the design and implementation, including the heat pump installations and project execution, was carried out by Re Energy Engineering.

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