5 myths about geothermal energy

11 September 2023

Renewable energy sources have become increasingly popular in recent years and have seen serious growth. In countries like Australia, for example, they are even on their way to becoming a major source of energy, overtaking traditional fossil fuels.

However, there are still a number of misconceptions surrounding geothermal energy that prevent consumers from taking advantage of its full potential and enjoying greater comfort and lower bills.
Let's bust 5 common myths and talk about facts.

Myth 1: Geothermal energy is too expensive

Fact: Geothermal systems require an initial investment to design and build. However, many countries, including in the European Union, are introducing support for renewable energy projects, including geothermal energy. Switching to this type of system reduces energy consumption by up to 75% and guarantees you significantly lower heating and cooling bills.

Myth 2: Only applicable to new buildings

Fact: Geothermal systems are perfectly suitable for existing homes, commercial buildings and institutions. They do not require huge space or major retrofits. The entire design and installation process takes less than a month. In Europe, there are a number of cases of historic buildings and houses - monuments of culture - in which geothermal heat pumps have been successfully integrated.

Myth 3: No major impact on climate

Fact: Scientists have been warning for years about the climate catastrophe the world faces. Reducing emissions is therefore a top priority for all governments. Buildings are responsible for around 40% of global carbon emissions - 28% of which are due to inefficient heating and cooling methods. Unlike fossil fuels, geothermal does not harm the environment. Ground-source energy can reduce the carbon footprint of buildings by up to 80%.

Myth 4: Geothermal energy is inefficient

Fact: Geothermal systems have been successfully applied even in buildings several centuries old with inferior insulation. If properly designed, geothermal can meet 100% of a building's heating and cooling needs, regardless of climate. The effectiveness of geothermal energy has been proven across the board - low energy consumption, reduced consumer bills, environmentally friendly, no compromise on comfort.

Myth 5: Requires high energy and water consumption

Fact: Geothermal systems use water but don't consume it. Virtually the same amount circulates over and over, so don't expect higher water bills. At the same time, these systems don't heat the air, they only transfer heat from the ground. That's why they don't require higher energy consumption.

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