5 reasons to use geothermal energy

23 February 2023

Is it possible to reduce home and office heating and cooling bills four times, even in a crisis? And how, if conventional solutions such as air conditioning, central and local heating, solid fuel heating, etc. dramatically increase their price.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are a solution that is not influenced by external factors because they supply energy stored in the earth's subsoil. This method is attracting more and more users because of its efficiency and the possibility of energy independence without harming the environment.

Geothermal energy is a sustainable, clean, environmentally friendly, and fully renewable source of energy. It is extracted from the ground through specific technologies and can be used for all energy needs of households, public buildings, and facilities.
If you're still not completely convinced that this type of system is right for you, here are a few reasons to use geothermal energy:

  1. Rising electricity and natural gas prices
    Heating and cooling are becoming more expensive, especially after recent geopolitical events.
    Unlike conventional heating and cooling methods, geothermal systems can save over 75% of electricity consumption.
    An added plus is that no super investment is required, unlike other renewable energy sources.
  2. Upcoming European and State funding programs
    Improving energy efficiency is among the priorities of the European Union. This means that citizens and businesses will be encouraged and supported to implement efficient solutions in this direction.
    In the next programming period, a new package of EU funding is expected to improve the energy efficiency of homes and business buildings.
  3. Provides additional comfort in the home
    Fossil fuel-burning heating dries out and degrades air quality. Using energy from the earth results in efficient heating and cooling with maximum comfort in the home.
    Also, unlike some types of air conditioners and furnaces, geothermal systems are not noisy or bulky and do not disturb the peace of your home.
    An added benefit is the low maintenance costs of these types of systems - they have a long lifespan and it has been proven that geothermal heat pumps can last more than 50 years when functioning properly.
  4. Smaller carbon footprint
    Climate change and the damage that human activity is doing to the environment are among the biggest problems of our time.
    In the search for greener solutions, geothermal energy is emerging as the most energy-efficient method of heating and cooling the home. Geothermal systems built by Re Energy Engineering save over 7,589 tons of carbon emissions per year.
  5. Increasing the price of the property
    More and more buyers in the real estate market are looking for "green" and sustainable housing. The reason is not only the desire for a healthier and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Having modern and efficient systems ensures lower energy consumption and reduces household costs.
    Building a geothermal system increases the value of your investment in the future.

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